Page properties

Each page has page properties viewable by clicking the Properties button. These properties also help in getting higher in the search results of Google.

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All fields mentioned below are optional. Create Sites will take care of alternative values as described below when these fields are empty.


Descriptions are used by searchengines like Google to be displayed in their results like the example.

For each page a description can be entered. This is optional. When there is no discription for the page then automatically the lines of the text will be used.

Use special characters as least as possible, some characters are not allowed.


Keywords are use by searchengines to index pages in to their database. Because of the misuse of these keywords searchengines nowadays don’t use them anymore. Although a searchengine might find a page more important when title, description, keywords and the actual content of the page correspond.

For each page keywords can be entered. This is optional. The keywords of a page are automatically add to the keywords of the homepage. Therefore we recommend to enter at least some keywords for the homepage.

Don't use special characters, they are not allowed.

Title bar

The title bar is the top bar of the window of the browser. It’s the same bar where the ‘x’ is located to close a window. The text inside the title bar is also used by users who add the page to their Favorites/Bookmarks and by searchengines for the link in their search results.

For each page the text for the title bar can be entered. This is optional. By default the heading of menu name is used automatically when there is no text for the title bar.


The alias is used to reach the page. The alias will automatically be generated. In this case the menu name will be converted to the correct format. An alias can not have spaces or special characters. In the address bar of the browser the alias appears after the domain name.

For example:

The alias of a page can be changed. This is optional.